Love the pod cast dude, in depth and easy to listen to.... You could of bigged up the Ginger GURU a bit more.........

Sorry my internet decided to keep dropping out. I'll look into it in the next few days so I can join you guys in a few weeks time! It was a shame because I had so much to say about the event in Australia lots of interesting stuff happened. I guess i'll put it all in my next blog which will be a review of the event in Australia. Thanks for the opportunity guys and I can't wait to be on the podcast with you guys in the near future!

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We were both gutted you couldnt be on the show last night, we'll defo get something sorted and have you on in the future.

Ray Thompson @Twitter @youtube mmavictor

I didn't completely get cut off though. I could hear the both of you saying I cut out and trying to hear me and I was repeating hello desperately hoping you could hear me again. I could still hear the both of you until Jay cut the call so it was weird I couldn't speak to you but I could hear you clearly. We can test run it next time before trying to record to make sure it doesn't cut out again.