UFC 156 Press Conference highlights

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The 6 fighters on todays press conference call were Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Rashad Evans, Antonio Rogerio Noguiera, Alistain Overeem and Antonio Silva. Here are some of the highlights from todays call.

Aldo talked briefly about title shots, he doesn't like people talking there way into a title shot, he feels people should earn there title shot in the cage.

Frankie Edgar spoke of having no problems with the weight cut, he felt good at 145. He talked highly of his new team mate, Edson Barboza. Stated he had been a big help in helping him to prepare for Jose Aldo. Edgar also stated it would be an honour to win the title and be the same list as Randy Couture and BJ Penn as a 2-division champion. When asked about Aldo's takedown defence he pointed out that he has been able to take down everyone he has faced, he is confident he will be able to take Aldo down.

Rashad Evans is feeling good after his lay off, his body has had time to recover. The subject off dropping down to 185 was talked about quite a lot, Evans stated he would only drop down if the opponent was right for him, either Anderson Silva or a top middleweight contender. He feels that 185 would be quite a difficult cut, he would love the opportunity to fight in a 195 division if one was ever made. He also stated before he retires he wants to fight the best ever ad would love an opportunity to compete against Anderson Silva.

Antonio Rogerio Noguiera talked very highly of Evans, was excited to be competing against one of the best lightheavyweights in the world. Both Lil Nog and Evans were very respectful of each other.

Alistair Overeem is pleased to finally get back into action, he isn't concerned with Antonio Silva, he also isn't concerned with an immediate title shot, he stated he will take one fight at a time and work his way up to an opportunity to fight for the title. He would also be willing to take more drug tests if necessary but given the option he would rather not take them. He said he didn't feel any added pressure after the lay off, he said he thrives on the pressure off a big fight.

Antonio Silva is excited to be facing Overeem, he stated he has been waiting two years for this fight, after he wins he wants a rematch with Cain Valesquez.

They were the highlights of todays UFC 156 press conference call.