UFC on Fuel TV 7 - Post fight quotes

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Renan Barao vs Michael McDonald

Renan Barao: "The fight was great. McDonald is a good fighter and I'm pleased with the result. I knew he would be a tough opponent. I felt great coming into the fight, very confident with myself and with my team and I had great expectations.

"In the run up to the fight I kept my normal work outs and training but I have improved my physical condition a lot which has helped. I also worked on my boxing and ju jitsu. The crowd were excited, they cheered me on. I'm going home to Brazil to relax for a bit, see my friends and spend some time on the beach now after the win."

Michael McDonald: "I feel like I have to go study a little bit, everything I do is about learning and I know how much my first defeat helped me. I know how much a better fighter it made me so i'll just have to go back to the drawing board.

"Before the fight I worked on everything, it's one thing i'm particular on. Now I'll just go back and keep working hard."

Cub Swanson vs Dustin Poirier

Cub Swanson: "I'm happy enough with the fight. I thought I fought really good but I can improve. I could have had better accuracy in my strikes but I wasn't expecting him to fight as well as he did. I expected to hurt him. I didn't think it'd go to three. I'm ready for the next big fight and it's an honour for me to be on the main card at a major event like this."

Dustin Poirier: "I lost. I was feeling confident. I thought I had him hurt a couple of times, I just didn't pull the trigger. He was on top of his game but I think I was too, I just let him off the hook a couple of times and didn't attack. I am really disappointed, I wanted to win this fight for my wife and my career, I have a lot to work on."

Jimi Manawu vs Cyrille Diabate

Jimi Manuwa: "I'm quite disappointed he had to retire after the first round. It's not the way I would have wanted to win. I spoke to him after and he said he injured himself but I'm sure I would have won anyway. I'm always confident, in myself, my team and trainers. I tried to be sharp as a striker, he's also a good striker, and I'd worked on my wrestling and ju jitsu. i'm looking forward to a break, I always go straight back into training after a fight. I'm having a month off and it's my birthday on Monday, but I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be itching to get back to the gym.

Cyrille Diabate: "Early in the first round I felt something like a tearing feeling in my leg. I have a history of tendinitis in my Achilles in my left leg. I was in perfect condition before the fight but in the warm up I strained my Achilles tendon. I don't know if this has something to do with it but I just couldn't step forward. I couldn't attack, besides the pain I was dealing with a top opponent and I couldn't just be standing round."

Gunnar Nelson vs Jorge Santiago

Gunnar Nelson: "I'm very pleased with the win. I don't like to think too much before the game about what will happen, I just want to react and go with how I feel during the fight. it was a very tough fight with some good exchanges and it was a great experience for me. I focused on my striking a bit in training before the fight and I think that helped me win the fight."

James Te Huna v Ryan Jimmo


James Ta Huna: "It was a tough match and I thought he had me finished in the first round. I came back though and spotted a few weaknesses in his game which I took advantage. I knew I'd have to avoid his kicks, he's a strong kicker, so worked on that. I've very happy to win but there's areas that I can work on."

Ryan Jimmo: "I thought the fight was going well, especially the first round. Then in the second round something popped and my body let me down. He was the better man on the night."

Matthew Riddle v Che Mills

Matthew Riddle: "Before the fight I'd hoped for a submission or technical knockout but he was a lot more athletic than I'd expected. His submission defense was stronger than I thought it'd be. I was a little surprised by the split decision. I knew Che had big knockout in him but I stayed away from his strengths. I'd worked on my stand up a lot and that really helped as I could see more instead of getting hit, which is usually fight. I try to work on everything, it's a work in progress. The Wembley crowd was outstanding. Coming from Manchester 2009 to London 2013 is like night and day, it was a great experience."

Che Mills: "I stayed on the bottom too long. The fight went pretty much as I'd expected, though I was confident of the win. I had really worked on my wrestling before and I think I showed that I've improved. I'll keep working hard going forwards, more of the same."

Terry Etim vs Renee Forte

Renee Forte: "I'm very, very happy with the win. I prepared very well, I knew preparation would be key to my chances and wanted to make sure I'd done as much as I could. I began my training in Brazil, then I went to France for acclimatisation before the fight and it's worked. I knew I had one chance to stay in UFC and I've done it."

Paul Sass v Danny Castillo

Danny Castillo:

"I fought close to my potential. Disappointed as I have been working with my striking coach and didn't get to show that too much. I felt sharp, my corner did a great job getting me ready for the fight. I was looking for a knockout, but I'm happy I was able to control the fight. I'll be looking for more knockouts going forwards."

Andy Ogle vs Josh Grispi

Andy Ogle:

"Best birthday present ever. I said I was gonna do it and I have. I said I'd get in UFC by the time I turned 24 and I've done it. Ii can always fight better, I was nervous as hell and had a lot on the line. It takes massive balls to fight in UFC in this arena. I'm only 24, I'm I'm only a puppy. Let the games begin. I can't wait!"

Josh Grispi:

"It went good but I got stuck in positions though and stayed there where I should have tried to get out of them. It was tough, he has a great left hook. I thought I'd win beforehand but he's a tough kid with a lot of heart. I knew it'd could go either way and it went his way."

Tom Watson vs Stanislav Nedkov

Tom Watson:

"It was a tough fight and I was nearly knocked down, but my fans know that I keep going and keep fighting. The crowd were definitely behind me. As in life, when the chips are down you just have to keep going. It's heart that gets me over the line in fights like these and it's great to win in my seventh fight here at Wembley."

Stanislav Nedkov:

"I'm very sorry to lose this fight. It's a new weight class for me. I started fight well but with cutting of the weight, at the end of the second round I got tired and I think that's why I lost."

Vaughan Lee vs Motonobu Tezuka

Vaughan Lee:

"At the beginning of the fight, I didn't let my hands go as I wanted to and felt a bit stiff. i knew he going to try and to take me down so that's what I trained for. It pretty much went how I thought it would go. I'm always wanting to improve and fight better but a win's a win."

Motonobu Tezuka:

"I am disappointed with the result of the fight but fought as good as I could do. I fought to my limit."

Phil Harris vs Ulysses Gomez

Phil Harris:

"Really pleased to win today. He's a top, world class scrapper and I knew it'd be tough. I took away the best part of the game, and made sure I kept on my feet.

He was working well with the leg kicks but I knew my boxing was better. I kept going - pressure pressure pressure with my hands. The crowd here was amazing and it's great to win a fight in front of English fans."

Ulysses Gomez:

"I felt I was out-landing him. But you know what, when you're in there it feels different and my pointers said that I was winning. I tried to keep my emotions out of the fight.

I kept a good distance and tried to take him down twice. I hit him with a low blow twice and that kind of messed up my strategy."