Jones out, Silva set to face Sonnen at UFC 159

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Jon Jones injured, out indefinitely, Chael Sonnen will now fight Anderson Silva for the UFC Interim Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 159.

Anderson Silva is one more win away from the biggest super fight in Mixed Martial Arts history. All Silva (33-4) has to do is beat his rival, Chael Sonnen (27-12-1) one more time. If Silva can accomplish what he has done twice already he will hold two UFC Championships in two different weight classes. If he can do that a Championship Unification fight with Jon Jones (17-1) is inevitable.

Silva and Sonnen have met twice before, originally in 2010 then again in 2012, Silva ended up retaining his Middleweight Championship in both bouts but not everything went to plan. In the first bout Sonnen walked into the final round with 40–34, 40–35, and 40-36 on the judges scorecards but with just under 2 minutes left in the fight he choked, literally, Silva caught him in a triangle choke and the fight is described as the biggest comeback in Mixed Martial Arts history. The rematch was a tale of 2 rounds, in the first Sonnen found success in his wrestling game, following the same strategy he had used in the first fight, the second round, Silva was able to defend the takedowns and within 2 minutes, he was able to expose Sonnen’s striking game and prove why he is the pound for pound champion.

Jon Jones was scheduled to face Dan Henderson in September 2012, however Dan Henderson was injured and the event was cancelled, Sonnen, a team mate of Henderson’s tried to save the card and fight Jones on short notice however Jones turned it down. 3 Weeks later Jones fought Vitor Belfort instead. Sonnen’s case for a title shot was made when Jon Jones turned the fight down and refused to fight him, refusing to fight someone as a fighter is always going to make the media and fans question your desire especially as a champion so the fight was set up by the UFC, now however it looks like Sonnen could still get his fight with Jones provided he can overcome his biggest career hurdle in Anderson Silva.

The nature of Jones’ injury has not been revealed at this time, but for now he will sit on the sidelines and await his return at a later date. On multiple sites it is however being rumoured that the incident happened during training and it was to his right arm but this is not confirmed yet.