Early Stoppage Interview with Joanne Calderwood

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Had the pleasure of talking to Joanne Calderwood earlier today and below is the highlights from the interview. Listen to the full interview below!

On Sally Krumpier:

“I was just going to get the win whether it was in the first round, second round or whenever... I expected it to go more to the decision...”

On Training:

“Everything I’m doing in my training, this is my full time job, and I’m here to show that in the cage”

On her new 6 fight contract with Invicta:

“It’s awesome, I still have 1 fight left with them but it got extended.”
“The thing is, is outside of Invicta organisations struggle to make fights, cage warriors is another organisation that’s really good at putting the fights together.”

On her next opponent Claudia Gadelha:

“I’m looking forward to the fight and it will be a new style fighter... I’m happy on the ground as well but I haven’t been able to showcase that yet. I have good Jiu Jitsu skills but I’ve only been able to show my striking, I am well rounded as well.
“I’m just pleased to fight anyone really, whether it’s a striker, a Brazillian jiu jitsu black belt or if it’s the best MMA fighter in the world.”

On the future of the Womens Strawweight Division:

“I don’t know if the UFC will jump straight down to 115 or go to 125 first... Either way right now I am enjoying my experiences at Invicta and if the UFC does come along it will be a great opportunity for myself and my gym but right now I’m focusing on being at Invicta.”
“If the UFC doesn’t come round (to the division) for a few years, I should still be around!”


If anyone is interested in advertising with Joanne Calderwood for her next 6 fights with Invicta get in contact with her either on twitter @badmofo_jojo or on facebook "JoJo Calderwood"