Tyson Fury I would knock out Cain Valesquez

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A few things to say as a boxing and mma fan.
Firstly anyone can be ko'd so Tyson Fury does have a point.
Secondly, i would guess at 90% of all mma fights going to the mat at some stage so on that basis if they fought it would probably end up on the ground.
Thirdly, Cain can punch, kick, grapple and fight on the mat. Tyson at best could do two of these to any reasonable standard.
On a serious note, this fight will never happen however if it did i would give Tyson Fury a 1% chance again Cain. The fight would end up on the mat and Tyson would not last 1 round, in fact he would be dominated and badly hurt. If Tyson did fight in the UFC, they should put him in with a decent HW (Roy Nelson) and this would be his first and last mma fight.