Rampage blasts UFC, doesn't respect Teixiera

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On todays Press Conference Call Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson blasted the UFC for there unfair treatment and lack of respect for fighters. Rampage was asked why he was leaving the UFC. When asked his primary reason for leaving the UFC he started off by saying he didn't want to go into it and then said the following:

'I can say I have a new reason, I'm sponsored by Reebok now and the UFC have said I'm not aloud to wear Reebok in the cage, there is a few fighters sponsored by Nike, why can't I wear Reebok, just stupid stuff like that, its not about money its about respect, I go into the Octagon, I put my life on the line and I want to be an exciting fighter, I want to be appreciated, I'm taking a money cut to go to another show to be appreciated.'

When asked if the UFC had tried to keep him in the UFC, Rampage said:

'They offered me a renegotiated contract, but I didn't want it, I didn't want to renegotiate with them. I think the UFC don't know how to treat their athletes, I think we the fighters do a lot for them, we do a lot for this sport, I feel like we're not being paid well enough. There getting rich off of all of us, we're having surgeries, injuries,
some fighters can't afford to pay sparring partners, there getting pain ten to twenty thousand, that ain't right man. I don't want to be apart of it, I want to go where they treat people like human beings, I've been fighting for a long time.'

When asked about Glover Teixeira, Jackson said the following:

He says he wants to knock me out, but he trains to wrestle and take me down, he is being cowardly giving me a false game, I've lost respect for him because of his game plan, I'm looking forward to an exciting fight.

Even the Jackson vs Teixeira is the third fight on the card, Rampage Jackson certainly stole the lime light on the conference call.